Associate Professor in TeraHertz RF

Job description

Thematic and research challenges

The recent technological progress has opened high challenging opportunities in the use of sub-millimetric / TeraHertz (THz) waves for imaging and sensing and will contribute to renew applications in surveillance and security detection, health imagery, biomedical applications, broadband and energy efficiency communications (5G/6G). Amongst current challenges addressed by the THz problematic, bridging between optoelectronics and electronics, there are strong interests in :

  • transceiver architectures and their technological issues for very high data-rate wireless communication (multimedia services, in-home HDTV distribution, wireless displays, backhaul traffic, …)
  • small, low-cost and multi-functional devices and systems for industrial and medical applications (nondestructive control, imaging and vision system, radars)
  • material or matter characterization (investigation of internal structure, content of objects, permittivity extraction of dielectric layers, … )

The open position aims at developing a research program focused on sub-millimetric technologies and the related design methodologies, as well as the characterization of sub-millimetric devices and materials, and to exploring and building up industrial partnership in the domain. First studies will be support by Camel and Arago platforms dedicated to microwave and optical technologies.

Eco-system and context

IMT Atlantique, internationally recognized for the quality of its research, is a leading technological university under the authority of the Ministry of Industry and Digital Technologies, ranked in the 3 main international rankings (THE, SHANGHAI, QS).

The position is open on the campus of Brest within the Microwave Department, as well as attached to the CNRS Research Unit Lab-STICC.

IMT Atlantique has privileged relationships with major industrial national and international partners, as well as a dense network of SMEs, start-ups and innovation networks. With 290 permanent faculty members, 2000 students among which 300 PhD students, IMT Atlantique produces every year 1000 publications and raises 18M€ of research funding.


The education program of IMT Atlantique has been recognized as amongst the most innovative in French High Education and Research, and offers large possibilities of developing innovative engineering curriculum and educational approach.

The candidate will contribute to the teaching of electronic, electromagnetism, microwaves and physics as well as multidisciplinary engineering activities. They will be invited to propose related new educational projects, programs and methodologies, especially inspired by and supported by industrial requirements and partnerships.

Job requirements

Expected competences

Please read carefully the mandatory and expected qualities of candidates for Associate Professor positions at IMT Atlantique at the following address:

In the case of this open position, a special and complementary emphasis will be put on the candidates’ abilities to demonstrate promising perspectives in various applicative fields and industrial partnerships.

Contact and schedule

Downloaded this application form, and sent it by this website

Deadline for applications: August 15th, 2022 23h59 Paris time

Date of Recruitment interview: week 36 or 37, 2022

Starting date: 2nd half of 2022

For any further information, please contact:

Pr Patrice PAJUSCO - Head of department - +33 2 29 00 14 62,

Pr Alain PEDEN - Professor - +33 2 29 00 10 92