Engineer / postdoc Traffic models and AI algorithms for novel 5G-enabled vehicular applications

Job description


Telecom SudParis is a public graduate school for engineering, which has been recognized on the highest level in the domain of digital technology. The quality of its courses is founded on the scientific excellence of its faculty and on teaching techniques that emphasize project management, innovation and intercultural understanding. Telecom SudParis is part of the Institut Mines-Telecom, the number one group of engineering schools in France, under the supervision of the Minister for Industry. Telecom SudParis with Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris and Telecom Paris are co-founders of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, an institute of Science and Technology with an international vocation.

Its assets include: a personalized course, varied opportunities, the no.3 incubator in France, an ICT research center, an international campus shared with Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and over 60 student societies and clubs.


5G mobile networks promise to enable novel applications, with stringent requirements in particular concerning latency.
The goal of the research activity is to foresee the requirements of vehicular traffic, with particular focus on communication needed for autonomous and cooperative driving, including common perception, vehicle platooning, remote driving, cooperative maneuvering. Such requirements will be studied under different scenarios of mobility, load, road topology, network infrastructure. We will study how such requirements translate to network (radio and transport) constraints and the application needs in terms of processing resources (CPU, memory, GPU).
A parametric simulation model will represent the aforementioned aspects.
The models developed will be then used to propose efficient AI-based methods, e.g., Reinforcement Learning [1,2] and Markov Decision Processes [3], for the dynamic allocation of resources to vehicular slices.

This work is part of Beyond 5G, a project funded by the French government, with three partners: Ericsson, Thales, Institut Mines-Télécom. The work will be performed at Institut Polytechnique de Paris.


- Proposing a detailed model of vehicular considering 5G architectures (e.g., spatial distribution of cells, covering).
- Motivate the choice of appropriate class of 5G traffic (URLLC, eMBB, MTC) for different applications.
- Creating a simulation-based traffic generator for vehicular traffic. This generator will be parametrized in order to evaluate multiple future scenarios, e.g., different penetration rates of connected vehicles, different road topologies. We are already currently working on a first version of such traffic generator, based on Omnetpp, SUMO, Veins and Simu5G.
- Devise and evaluate AI-based methods for dynamically placing vehicular slices and scale their assigned resources.

[1] M. Elkael, H. Castel, B. Jouaber, A. Araldo, M. Aitaba, “Improved Monte Carlo Tree Search for Virtual Network Embedding”, IEEE 46th conf on Local Computer Networks (IEEE LCN), 2021
[2] A. Ben-Ameur, A. Araldo, T. Chahed “Cache Allocation in Multi-Tenant Edge Computing via online Reinforcement Learning”, IEEE ICC, 2022
[3] A. Spallina, A. Araldo, T. Chahed, H. Castel, A. Di Stefano, T. Atmaca, “Energy-efficient Resource Allocation in Multi-Tenant Edge Computing using Markov Decision Processes”, IEEE NOMS 2022

Job requirements


- PhD / doctorat


- Master of Science (or equivalent) in Computer Science / Telecommunications / Applied Mathematics.


- Good knowledge in Network Architectures (mobile networks, slicing)

- Some experience with Machine Learning (in particular Reinforcement Learning) is a plus

- Good programming skills (C++ and python in particular)


- Rigor, project management method

- The ability to work in a team

- Application deadline: June 12, 2022
- Nature of the contract: CDD/limited contract 12 months
- Job category and profession: II - R, Research and development engineer or II - P, Post-doctoral fellow
- The positions offered for recruitment are open to all with, on request, accommodations for candidates with disabilities
- Job open to public service contractors