Assistant/Associate Professor in architecture and embedded systems design (F/H) at Télécom Paris - CDI

Job description

Télécom Paris, a founding member of Institut Polytechnique de Paris and a part of IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom), is ranked as one of the top 5 engineering schools in France. Recognized for its invaluable corporate connections, Telecom Paris is an institution with a strong sense of community and international representation. This public higher-education establishment guarantees excellent employability in all sectors and is the leading engineering school for the entire digital spectrum (from hardware to software technology).

With its high-level instruction and innovative pedagogy, Télécom Paris is at the heart of a unique innovation ecosystem which is based on collaborative classroom engagement, an emphasis on project-based training, and multidisciplinary research. Our scientific faculty are affiliated with two key research laboratories; first, the LTCI laboratory, which is recognized by the HCERES as a leading facility in the field of digital sciences and has a remarkable international outreach. And second, the i3 laboratory, Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (I3 - UMR 9217 of the CNRS), which carries out multidisciplinary research focused on innovation and in collaboration with the École Polytechnique and Mines ParisTech.

Based in Palaiseau, France at the heart of the Institut Polytechnique campus alongside the École Polytechnique, ENSTA, Télécom Sud Paris and ENSAE, Télécom Paris also has a central-Paris incubator at the epicenter of the French start-up ecosystem.

Télécom Paris is a living laboratory for all the major technological and societal challenges including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, IoT, cybersecurity, large-scale digital equipment (Cloud Computing), 5G/6G, and Green IT.


The rapid evolution of digital applications leads to evermore connected objects characterized by complex algorithms, severe performance and robustness requirements (autonomous vehicle, IoTs, high-speed networks, industry 4.0, smart home, etc.). Anticipating on these new demands, the SSH teams design advanced embedded systems through ambitious projects in collaboration with many academic and industrial partners. The research focuses on the architectures of embedded systems and digital circuits under severe design constraints. Methods to jointly optimize speed, security, complexity, and consumption are developed. The validation is based both on a mathematical formalism and on the prototyping of electronic circuits. Tests are carried out within the analysis laboratory. The team is also characterized by a significant teaching activity in Engineering and Master courses, with a pedagogy based on practice and projects. Courses are regularly updated with the most recent technologies and design methods based on the research outcomes.


The candidate must be a specialist in architectures and methods for designing embedded systems and circuits based on hardware and software technologies. He/she should have a good understanding of the theory and practice of embedded systems, from algorithm to prototyping in FPGA and/or ASIC technologies, processor cores and their software layers.

Experience in optimizing architectures for the implementation of algorithms and applications in highly constrained embedded systems is also desired. Implementations of learning algorithms in embedded systems are an example of studies requiring this expertise.

Significant publication experience in leading journals and conferences will be required. The candidate will be expected to demonstrate personal ability to initiate new research topics as well as knowledge and practice of research funding methods. He/she will be expected to participate in national, international and industrial research projects. Experience in higher education and a good command of written and spoken English are essential.

It is desirable that the candidate has in-depth knowledge of the information and communication technologies sector. The guarantees of good adaptation to the position are:

  • Knowledge of one or more applications, associated algorithms and architectures, including:
    • Learning algorithms,
    • Security/safety of systems, including the physical attacks on cryptography
    • Communication systems,
    • High performance computing (HPC)
    • New computing technologies
  • Experience in the study and implementation of embedded systems, including design and validation methods in hardware and software technologies.
  • Knowledge of microprocessor architectures and associated software development tools.
  • Knowledge of techniques to optimize performance, reduce complexity and/or power consumption, provide a high level of security or reliability of embedded systems.


  1. Applicants should participate in the design and implementation of courses in their scientific field.

  2. They should conduct research.
  3. They should participate in the development of partnerships, collaborations, and contractual agreements in their scientific field.


    In collaboration with the other faculty members of the department:

    • Provide courses consistent with areas of knowledge, skills-set, and departmental needs;
    • Teach labs and tutorials for undergraduate and graduate students;
    • Serve on juries for prospective students who are applying for engineering courses, specialized masters, etc.;
    • Contribute to the analysis of training needs;
    • Design and organize teaching activities for undergraduate and graduate students;
    • Design and implement project-based teaching;
    • Supervise student projects;
    • Develop courses and teaching tools in the above-mentioned field.


    • Engage in research activities in the scientific field concerned;
    • Write proposals and participate in projects with partners from the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, the Institut Mines-Télécom or other institutions from the academic and/or corporate world, in particular in the framework of fundamental, national, or European projects;
    • Carry out industrial research contracts;
    • Explore and develop partnerships within the industry and establish contractual agreements.


    • Participate in and contribute to the scientific activities of the Group (seminars, presentations, juries, etc.).

    Fostering the recognition of Telecom Paris and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris:

    • Disseminate research findings via scholarly writing and publication;
    • Lead presentations and seminars;
    • Take an active role in scholarly and professional organizations;
    • Maintain close relations with academic institutions, research centers, and companies.

    Other responsibilities:

    • Participate in the scientific, pedagogical, and management activities of the department and/or institution;
    • Where appropriate, direct and manage the staff placed under his or her responsibility or supervision;
    • Report on the activities and results of the tasks for which he or she is responsible.

Job requirements

Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • In-depth theoretical or applied knowledge in his or her field of expertise;
  • An excellent command of spoken and written English.
  • If the candidate is does not speak French, at the moment of hire he or she must commit to obtaining a professional proficiency of French as quickly as possible while under contract.

Desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

- Post-doctoral or international experience in an academic or industrial laboratory appreciated ;

- Teaching experience.

Other abilities and skills:

  • The ability to be an active team member in a diverse faculty, staff, and student environment;
  • Strong teaching, pedagogical, and mentoring capabilities; 
  • Superb written and interpersonal communication skills.


  • Doctorate or equivalent;
  • Civil servant recruited through the École Polytechnique or ENA or former student of the École Normale Supérieure and ≥ 3 years of professional experience;
  • Holds a post-graduate degree from an engineering, business, or management school and has ≥ 5 years of professional experience;
  • Holds a post-graduate degree and has ≥ 5 years of professional experience;
  • Is a high-level business executive with ≥ 8 years of professional experience.


The application includes:

  • cover letter,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • statements of research and teaching interests (4 pages max)
  • three publications
  • contact information for two references.

For full consideration, applications should be received no later than september 18, 2022.

Application deadline: September 26, 2022

Contact: Jean-Luc Danger (


The selection is made in four steps :

- Removal of the applications that do not satisfy the required qualifications

- Interview by the host team and selection of a first short-list

- Interview by the Hiring Committee, selection and ranking of the final short-list

- Interview by the dean of Telecom Paris