Lecturer position in discrete or continuous modeling in process engineering of divided solids. Albi research and Training centre for Process Engineering of Divided Solids, Energy and the Environment

Job description


A school of the ministry in charge of industry, IMT Mines Albi is a school of the Institut Mines-Télécom, the

number one group of engineering and management graduate schools in France.

At the forefront of industrial and academic stakes on the national and international scenes, it acts as a

scientific and economic leader by combining its 4 missions in a virtuous circle and driving innovation:

• a school of generalist engineers to lead and manage sustainable transitions;

• research teams, distributed within its 3 training and research centers (RAPSODEE, ICA and CGI),

which work on the emergence and improvement of industrial processes, in particular on its 5


• a business partner who supports new dynamics, stimulates business creations, and cultivates


• a school that promotes the dissemination of scientific and technical culture in its territory.


IMT Mines Albi is recruiting a lecturer/assistant professor in discrete or continuous modeling in process

engineering of divided solids.

This position is open at IMT Mines Albi and is attached to the Albi Research and Training Centre in

Process Engineering of Divided SOlids, Energy and the Environment (RAPSODEE), UMR CNRS 5302.

The main scientific research topics conducted at RAPSODEE are related to divided solids, energy and

environment. Part of the activities concern both the design and development of new sustainable

processes respectful of the environment and human health and the development of innovative methods

based on numerical experimentation in the field of processes using divided solids. Indeed, optimizing

productivity and reducing the development time of new processes and products are major challenges for

the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. To achieve these objectives, the development of new

intelligent sensors and digital platforms are essential.


The candidate will be expected to participate in IMT Mines Albi's training missions, research and

technology transfer activities, and national and international collaborations.


He/she will participate in the pedagogical and teaching activities in the different courses of IMT Mines Albi.

More specifically, he/she will be involved in the teaching of engineering sciences and will take part in

specialised teaching in his/her field of expertise. He/she will be involved in the teaching of numerical

calculation, statistics and data processing, divided solids and process engineering.


The ability of the candidates to position themselves in the field of divided solids from an experimental point

of view as well as in numerical modelling on the properties of divided solids and unit operations such as

mixing, grinding, coating, shaping by granulation-compression, mechano-chemistry,...) will be particularly


He/she will have a sustained research activity in numerical experimentation using discrete element (DEM)

and/or finite element (FEM) approaches to participate in the setting up of numerical laboratories to

accelerate developments in the field of processes including divided solids for health and agri-food. In

particular, IMT Mines Albi will appreciate the ability to set up a transversal research in numerical modeling

in collaborative support of experimental research in the scientific themes of the laboratory. Numerical

modeling in divided solids processes requires a good understanding of the phenomena involved, which

requires a good knowledge of engineering sciences and close collaboration with researchers who develop

experimental or numerical modeling approaches.

Research at IMT Mines Albi is developed in close connection with the socio-economic world (contracts

and chairs with industry and industry services, support to public policies) while aiming at academic

excellence (publications and theses, influence).

For more information on the position, please contact: Prof. Fabienne ESPITALIER, director of
RAPSODEE (Fabienne.espitalier@mines-albi.fr ou 05 63 49 31 51)
Administrative information: Ms Françoise BOUDES, head of the Human Ressources department
(francoise.boudes@mines-albi.fr ou 05 63 49 33 07.)
Closing date for applications: 2 January 2023
Starting date: the target period is February 2023

To apply you need :
- The complete application file
- The letter of application
- The detailed scientific CV
- A project of integration of the candidate putting forward, in a non-exclusive way
• in research, strong competences in experimental and numerical simulation, on all or part of
the mentioned fields and
• in training, strong skills in the supervision of different forms of teaching carried out during
his/her career.

Job requirements


The candidate should hold a PhD. The candidate should have knowledge/skills related to divided solids

and processes, and solid mechanics used in this field. Experience in discrete and/or continuous numerical

modeling in divided solids processes is required. A qualification as a lecturer in the 62nd (or 60th) section of

the CNU (French system) would be an asset.

This position requires an involved, dynamic person, with a notable intellectual curiosity, attracted by

teamwork, training and collaborative research projects. He/she must have a sense of interpersonal skills

and collective interest. The incumbent will demonstrate autonomy, initiative, creativity, adaptability and

rigor. He/she will be genuinely motivated by teaching and pedagogy, particularly active forms of teaching,

as well as by partnerships with companies