Assistant/Associate Professor in Computer Science at Télécom Paris

Job description

Télécom Paris is one of the top four engineering schools in France for training general engineers. Recognized for its close ties with businesses, this public graduate school ensures excellent employment prospects in all industries and is considered the number-one engineering school for digital technology. With its top-level innovative teaching, Télécom Paris is at the center of a unique innovation ecosystem, drawing on the interaction and cross-disciplinary nature of the school’s academic programs, interdisciplinary research, two business incubators and its campuses (Paris and Sophia Antipolis – EURECOM). Its LTCI laboratory has been accredited by HCERES as an outstanding unit in the field of digital sciences for its international reputation and exceptional number of initiatives supporting the socio-economic world and industry, as well as for its great contribution to teaching.

A founding member of Institut Polytechnique de Paris and an IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom) school, Télécom Paris is positioned as the college for digital innovation on the Paris-Saclay Campus.


With the deployment of new digital technologies (5G/6G networks, internet of things, data storage and distribution, cloud computing, edge computing,...), the need to master the complexity and security of large digital infrastructures is constantly growing. Communication networks, digital infrastructures, algorithms and data offer an increasingly large surface for exposure to cyber attacks. The risks, in terms of cyber security, are becoming more and more numerous, with an impact on our societies that goes as far as questioning our sovereignty.
Progress in terms of cybersecurity and cryptography is critical. The need to understand the reasoning behind an AI algorithm or to know how to model a 5G/6G network architecture in detail is becoming just as essential and contributes to mastering the complexity of the infrastructures mentioned above. The department aims at continuously developing its teaching and research skills in computer science on multiple fronts. Today, two profiles will be favored: in cryptography and in cybersecurity. The department will also be open to two other profiles in explainable AI and stochastic network modeling.


The department wishes to recruit on the basis of four different scientific fields with a preference for the first two.
As an example, the desired expertise in each of the four profiles are:
1- Cryptography

Develop theoretical tools for security analysis and propose cryptographic schemes, in particular decentralized cryptosystems.
2- Cybersecurity

Data protection, anonymization and traceability to meet new challenges in the field of data processing, generation and secure storage.
Detection of cyber-attacks and malicious behavior based on Machine Learning

3- Explainable AI
Machine learning, natural language processing.
Knowledge graphs, data flow, logic, cognitive sciences
4- Stochastic network modeling

Stochastic geometry, machine learning, optimal transport, algebraic topology, robust optimization

The Networks and Computer Science Department of the LTCI has an opening for an Assistant Professor orAssociate Professor in Computer Science with four possible profiles.
The candidate should be experienced in one of this field and have already taught and conducted research with scientific publications in the desired areas.

1. Applicants should participate in the design and implementation of courses in their scientific field.
2. They should conduct research.
3. They should participate in the development of partnerships, collaborations, and contractual agreements in their scientific field.


In collaboration with the other faculty members of the department:
- Provide courses consistent with areas of knowledge, skills-set, and departmental needs;
- Teach labs and tutorials for undergraduate and graduate students;
- Serve on juries for prospective students who are applying for engineering courses, specialized masters, etc.;
- Contribute to the analysis of training needs;
- Design and organize teaching activities for undergraduate and graduate students;
- Design and implement project-based teaching;
- Supervise student projects;
- Develop courses and teaching tools in the above-mentioned field.

- Engage in research activities in the scientific field concerned;
- Write proposals and participate in projects with partners from the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, the Institut Mines-Télécom or other institutions from the academic and/or corporate world, in particular in the framework of fundamental, national, or European projects;
- Carry out industrial research contracts;
- Explore and develop partnerships within the industry and establish contractual agreements.

- Participate in and contribute to the scientific activities of the Group (seminars, presentations, juries, etc.).
Fostering the recognition of Telecom Paris and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris:

- Disseminate research findings via scholarly writing and publication;
- Lead presentations and seminars;
- Take an active role in scholarly and professional organizations;
- Maintain close relations with academic institutions, research centers, and companies.
Other responsibilities:

- Participate in the scientific, pedagogical, and management activities of the department and/or institution;
- Where appropriate, direct and manage the staff placed under his or her responsibility or supervision;
- Report on the activities and results of the tasks for which he or she is responsible.

Job requirements

Required skills, experience, and knowledge:

- Solid knowledge in Computer Science

- An excellent command of spoken and written English. 

- If the candidate does not speak French, at the moment of hire he or she must commit to obtaining a professional proficiency of French as quickly as possible while under contract.

Preferred skills, experience, and knowledge:

Post-doctoral or international experience in an academic or industrial laboratory is appreciated;

- Teaching experience.

Other abilities and skills:

- The ability to be an active team member in a diverse faculty, staff, and student environment;

- Strong teaching, pedagogical, and mentoring capabilities;

- Superb written and interpersonal communication skills.


Candidates with one or more of the following required qualifications may apply:

- Doctorate or equivalent;

- Civil servant recruited through the École Polytechnique or ENA or former student of the École Normale Supérieure and ≥ 3 years of professional experience;

- Holds a post-graduate degree from an engineering, business, or management school and has ≥ 5 years of professional experience;

- Holds a post-graduate degree and has ≥ 5 years of professional experience;

- Is a high-level business executive with ≥ 8 years of professional experience.


Applicants should submit a single PDF file that includes:

- cover letter,

- curriculum vitae,

- a statement of research and teaching interests (4 to 6 pages in total)

- three publications

- contact information for two references

For full consideration, applications should be received no later than September, 24th 2021.