Associate Professor in Artificial intelligence/data science/ natural language processing

Job description

Thematic and research challenges

Natural language is man's best communication tool. It even characterizes the human species among all living organisms. Artificial intelligence has made it its spearhead. Be it HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey, Siri, or ChatGPT, their biggest challenge has been to communicate with humans through natural language, whether spoken or written. Unlike the tools mentioned that handle language in all its generality, we have the ambition to address specific challenges based on some of IMT Atlantique's key themes.

Indeed, in the era of Big Data, we are going against the trend of maximizing the volume of data, and we propose to intervene in particular cases that require fine and precise processing of small corpora of data, but not exclusively, often heterogeneous and multimodal. Among the main research themes of IMT Atlantique, we can first mention health, which requires advanced techniques to examine small corpora in search of markers of psychiatric pathology.

Then cybersecurity, where language analysis must be used to detect cognitive pathways characteristic of targeted cyberattacks. Then military intelligence, where the ability to produce textual or multimodal summaries of online search results adapted to the psychocognitive profile of the human agent, can significantly facilitate decision-making. These three examples, among many, are characteristic of our approach.

Eco-system and context

IMT Atlantique internationally recognized for the quality of its research, is a leading technological university under the authority of the Ministry of Industry and Digital Technologies, ranked in the three main international rankings (THE, SHANGHAI, QS).

The position is open on the campus of Brest within the Logic of uses, social sciences and Information department (LUSSI).

IMT Atlantique has privileged relationships with major industrial national and international partners, as well as a dense network of SMEs, start-ups, and innovation networks. With 290 permanent faculty members, 2000 students among which 300 PhD students, IMT Atlantique produces every year 1000 publications and raises 18M€ of research funding.

You will carry out your research in relation to one or more themes developed within the LUSSI department and the DECIDE team ( in data and decision sciences: health (including health prevention), cybersecurity, defense, industry, maritime navigation, the study of social media, and more broadly data from platforms, etc. More globally, your research will be part of ITM Atlantic's integrated scientific and technical initiative in artificial intelligence, which aims to ensure a key positioning in this field.


The education program of IMT Atlantique has been recognized as amongst the most innovative in French High Education and Research and offers large possibilities of developing innovative engineering curriculum and educational approach.

The person recruited will contribute to various training courses (engineer, master), both in his/her specialty ("data science, automatic language processing combining symbolic and sub-symbolic approaches") and in core courses or transverse activities in connection with the socio-economic world: tutoring of projects/internships, internships defenses, coaching, etc. He/she will be invited to propose new projects, programs and related pedagogical methodologies, particularly inspired and supported by industrial requirements and partnerships.

The person recruited should be able to teach in French and in English.

Teaching experience and/or experience in writing/participating in national or European projects would be a bonus.

Job requirements

Expected competences

Please read carefully the mandatory and expected qualities of candidates for Associate Professor positions at IMT Atlantique at the following address:

In the case of this open position, a special and complementary emphasis will be put on the candidate skills in the fields of artificial intelligence, automatic language processing (including small and multilingual corpora), data science and knowledge representation and management.

Deadline for applications: March 31st, 2023, 11:59 pm Paris time

Date of the recruitment interview: May 2023

Starting date: 2nd semester 2023

Documents to apply

  • Application file to download HERE
  • CV + cover letter
  • integration project on the 3 axes Teaching / Research / Development
  • photocopy of identity card or passport
  • photocopy of diplomas or a certificate of success
  • report of the thesis defense
  • reports from the two thesis jurors
  • any other element that could support your application


For any further information, please contact:


  • 49 days of annual leave
  • Possibility working at home
  • Public transportation paid for
  • Sustainable mobility package (for carpooling or cycling)
  • Family supplement
  • Wide range of social benefits

Legal mentions

  • Nature of the contract: Permanent contract under public law
  • Geographical location: IMT Atlantique - 655 Av. du Technopôle, 29280 Plouzané, FRANCE
  • The positions offered for recruitment are open to all with, on request, accommodations for candidates with disabilities