Post-doctoral fellow in Wideband mmW DPD techniques - 12 months

Job description

Télécom Paris, a founding member of Institut Polytechnique de Paris and a part of IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom), is ranked as one of the top 5 engineering schools in France. Recognized for its invaluable corporate connections, Telecom Paris is an institution with a strong sense of community and international representation. This public higher-education establishment guarantees excellent employability in all sectors and is the leading engineering school for the entire digital spectrum (from hardware to software technology).

With its high-level instruction and innovative pedagogy, Télécom Paris is at the heart of a unique innovation ecosystem which is based on collaborative classroom engagement, an emphasis on project-based training, and multidisciplinary research. Our scientific faculty are affiliated with two key research laboratories; first, the LTCI laboratory, which is recognized by the HCERES as a leading facility in the field of digital sciences and has a remarkable international outreach. And second, the i3 laboratory, Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (I3 - UMR 9217 of the CNRS), which carries out multidisciplinary research focused on innovation and in collaboration with the École Polytechnique and Mines ParisTech.

Based in Palaiseau, France at the heart of the Institut Polytechnique campus alongside the École Polytechnique, ENSTA, Télécom Sud Paris and ENSAE, Télécom Paris also has a central-Paris incubator at the epicenter of the French start-up ecosystem.

Télécom Paris is a living laboratory for all the major technological and societal challenges including Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, IoT, Cybersecurity, large-scale digital equipment (Cloud Computing), 5G/6G, and Green IT.


The department of Electronics and Communications at Telecom Paris has a postdoc opening within the C2S team for a candidate with a signal processing and EE background. The candidate is expected to study novel approaches for achieving very high performance digital predistorters for 5G applications. Digital predistortion (DPD) is a well-established solution to linearize power amplifiers. However, its correction performance is usually limited by several phenomena such as the model accuracy and estimation convergence. With the constant signal bandwidth increase, new DPD techniques are being proposed to identify accurate and high performance predistortion models with relaxed constraints.

Docte6G is a national wide project involving telecom hardware key players (NXP, Ericsson). It focuses on developing new technologies for the transition to 6G. Telecom Paris’s Communication Circuits and Systems (C2S) team is involved to develop DPD techniques for millimeter-wave (mmW) systems. The C2S team has previously proposed a unique subband approach for wideband DPD [1]. The main goal of the project will be to further develop the theoretical framework of the subband DPD in the context of mmW systems and to demonstrate the performance of the proposed approach through hardware measurements. This postdoctoral project will be fueled by numerous interactions with the PhD thesis project which will be carried out in parallel in the Docte6G project. 

[1] D. G. Pham, G. Gagnon, F. Gagnon, G. Kaddoum, C. Jabbour, and P. Desgreys. FFT-Based Limited Subband Digital Predistortion Technique for Ultra Wideband 5G Systems. In 2018 16th IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS), pages 10–13, 2018.


  1. To carry out research missions in the field of communication and eletronics
  2. To ensure supervision and tutoring missions
  3. To contribute to the reputation of the School, the Institut Mines-Télécom and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris


1. To carry out research missions in the field of communication and eletronics
- Conducts research assignments under departmental contracts in the field of Circuits and Communication Systems
- Participates in and ensures the completion of project deliverables
- State-of-the-art analysis of the wideband mmW DPD techniques
- Definition of the hardware requirements for wideband mmW DPD techniques
- Subband DPD framework analysis
- DPD hardware measurements

2. To ensure supervision and tutoring missions

- Supervises student projects and engineering internships

3. To contribute to the reputation of the School, the Institut Mines-Télécom and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris
- Publishes the results of its research work
- Gives presentations and conferences
- Is involved in learned or professional societies
- Maintains close relations with academic institutions, research centers and companies

4. Other activities
- Participates in the scientific, pedagogical and management activities of the Department or Institution
- If necessary, directs and manages the agents placed under his/her responsibility or supervision
- Reports on the activities and results of the missions for which he/she is responsible

Job requirements


Required skills, experience, and knowledge:
- Signal processing (LS problems and transceiver architectures)
- Programming in Matlab/Python and Latex
- Open source software development basis
- Fluency in English

Preferred skills, experience, and knowledge:

- Lab equipment programming (VISA interface)
- Knowledge of Power amplifier operation and modeling

Other abilities and skills:

- Ability to work in a team, dialogue and writing skills
- Interpersonal and pedagogical skills
- Ability to synthesize


Level of education and/or experience required:

Ph.D. or equivalent 

Contract type : CDD Post doctoral
Contract duration: 12 months

Location: Télécom Paris, 19 Place Marguerite Perey, Palaiseau 91120


The application include:

  • a detailed CV
  • a letter of motivation
  • any element considered useful for the examination of the application

Deadline for application 31/12/2022

Scientific contact :

Administrative contact :