Post-doctoral fellow in Mathematics and Cryptography - CDD 18 months

Job description

Télécom Paris, a school of the IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom) and a founding member of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, is one of the top 5 French general engineering schools. An institution on a "human scale" but with a strong international component, Télécom Paris is recognized for its proximity to companies. This public school guarantees excellent employability in all sectors and is the leading engineering school for the entire digital vertical (from hardware layers to uses).

With its excellent teaching and innovative pedagogy, Télécom Paris is at the heart of a unique innovation ecosystem, based on interaction and the importance of project mode in its training on the one hand, and its interdisciplinary research on the other. Its teacher-researchers are affiliated with two research laboratories: on the one hand, the LTCI laboratory, which is presented by the HCERES as a flagship unit in the field of digital sciences with remarkable international influence; and on the other hand, the i3 laboratory, Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (I3 - UMR 9217 of the CNRS), which pursues a multidisciplinary research program focused on innovation in the framework of a collaboration with the École Polytechnique and Mines ParisTech

Based in Palaiseau, at the heart of the Institut Polytechnique campus alongside the École Polytechnique, ENSTA, Télécom Sud Paris and ENSAE, Télécom Paris also has a Paris-based incubator at the heart of the French start-up ecosystem.

Télécom Paris is positioned as an open-air laboratory for all the major technological and societal challenges: artificial intelligence, quantum computing, IOT, cybersecurity, large-scale digital equipment (Cloud), 5G/6G, Green IT.


Laboratory LTCI, Computer Science Department, in the team Cybersecurity and Cryptograpĥy (C2).
Scientific referent: Matthieu Rambaud


    1. Implement short proofs of knowledge of digital signatures

    2. Do research in mathematics and cryptography and present it in conferences or workshops.


1. Implement the deliverable required by the internal funding « prématuration 2021 »
It consists in an implementation of the (ZK) short proofs system (Attema-Cramer-Rambaud , Asiacrypt 2021), which is used to scale-up Byzantine consensus ( (Abspoel-Attema-Rambaud, Podc 2021).

Do research in Mathematics and Cryptography the topic is free, e.g., algebraic-geometry secret sharing, point counting using étale cohomology, ZK proofs. Possibility of work on proactive secret sharing with everlasting security (in collaboration with Romain Alléaume).

Job requirements


Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experience: arithmetic geometry, programming (python, magma, Go)

Desirable skills, knowledge and experience: abelian varieties, étale cohomology


- Ph.D. or equivalent 

Contract type : CDD Post doctoral
Contract duration: 18 months 


The application include:

- a detailed CV

- a letter of motivation

- any element considered useful for the examination of the application

Deadline for application : May 28, 2022

Scientific contact :

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